Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where do I go to get my horse color tested?

There are a few places out there to do this but we like and use regularly the Florda Animal Genetics Lab.

From their DNA testing, their customer service, down to their color calculator they are our favorites. They also do DNA testing for birds and dogs as well but we have never used those divisions.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Are Miniature Stallions hard to handle?

No. In our experience we have found them to be no different than our mares when you do not allow them to get away with anything. Just like their larger counter parts they can be hard headed yes. And do not forget that some stallions, just like mares and people, just have a bad mind. A stallion can view you in three ways:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is it okay to turn my Miniature Horse out with large horses?

This is up to you. We have a Quarter horse gilding that loves the mini's and is just tickled pink by them. When it's weening time we turn all the babies loose with him so he can keep them safe and teach them more horse things. But we do have a mare that will kill them given half a chance. She has gotten 2 so far by accident.

Do miniature horses bite and kick?

In their natural setting, miniature horses will naturally bite and kick as a means of establishing dominance within their herd. But this is usually with other horses. A horse sees the world differently than we do. To them our fingers are claws, our eyes are set close like a predator, and we tend to go out to see them in groups (or a hunting pack). You must gain their confides and their respects. We make our horses think that we ourselves are just 'the special' herd members that look... odd.

How long do Horses live?

Horses commonly live to be 25 - 35 years old, and our mini horses have lived just as long. Horse ages translate into human ages almost linearly, but with major differences as to when they hit milestones. Babies mature at a rate far faster than humans, reaching puberty by age two. They even had that awkward teen period from 2 to 3. Have a look at the graph below:
Horse age    Human age

What are you paying for in a Miniature horse
Often I have people call the farm asking about one horse in particular. I give them everything they want to know about him or her only to have them ask at the very end, "What kind of deal would you give me if I buy this horse?" This is the pain of every breeder in the industry, suddenly people are treating us like we are selling a home rather than a product. And perhaps even worse the breeders and the worst at doing it.

So I would like to point out a couple of things to make the buyers out there think before asking this question.

You are not buying a home or a used car

Do Minature horses get flys?

Yes I have been ask this question and my answer is a resounding yes. Anyone that says otherwise is a little off. Now is a fly going to be able to easily find a service mini in NY that gets bathed regularly, not so much. But they are horses and horses get flys, as do humans that just walk around on the farm. Its a part of animal life. Miniature mains, frolics, and tails are their best barrier against them.

Look at this horses face... flys

What are Miniature horses temperaments like?

Every horse has its own pertinacity just like people. You can have a mischievous stinker, a calm cool and collected stud, or a cheerleading bubblehead. Even with their own kind, a mini can be so dependent on people that they are always depressed when they are with their own kind. Some just want to be mommies. Others like to be buddies, and yet others like to be fathers.

Do Mini horses need to be kept indoors all year long?

Only if you want a sad mini. These animals are not like your tea cup poodles. They are hardy animals and they like being treated just like their bigger relatives. If you keep a mini horse pampered, with a coat, and not letting them out at night, or during the winter then you will end up with a less hardy horse. Keeping them up in the winter and the coat will keep them warm and they won't grow their own coat. This is fine if your keeping them ready for showing in the winter. So long as you have a barn of some kind for them to get into should they want to in bad weather that’s all you need.

How do I know if my Miniature horses are to thin?

If you can see the bones of their spine or if you can see the peeks and dips of their hipbone they are too thin. But like all animals, you get your old Minis that just can't keep the weight on anymore (take inside for winter), or you get your young stud that is just too dumb to stop strutting for the girls and eat (sometimes needing separated so they don’t see any other minis). There are always exceptions. If you worry about a potential perches ask if you can bring a local vet that they don't use, or a vet you trust, out to see the animal in question. If the seller is unwilling then you don't want to buy from them anyway.

This is an example of a mini that is to thin with a winter coat, I do not know this mini personally and it could be to thin for many reasons. If it's because of old age try FAST-TRACK. It helps with the digestive proses so that they get the most out of their food. Also as your vet to check their teeth to see if they need floating, or evening out so they can chow better. 

This is a show body weight. As you can see the hoses is trim, has good muscle and nice round hips. Looks like he could use some muscle building in the shoulders and chest but he looks to be very young, about 1 or 2. Young animals like people will build muscle as they grow, as we girls know, the bottom can develop before the chest. And our mothers where right when they said, "it will come when your ready."

Her is another show ready stallion that is 28" tall. Thank you Zig Zag of Ferrands Tirple K Farms.

Here is a mini mare that is just about to have her baby. You can see that her belly is large but her hip, butt, and chest are much smaller. She's at a good weight for having babies and do keep in mind that the weight of a mother is always better larger than smaller. You don't want to curb the nutrition that baby would get before being born. Poor nutrition can be as much a contributor birth defects as genetics. Thank you Spotted babe of Ferrands Triple K Farms for letting us use your pic honey.
Here is a photo of a mini mare only 3 days after having her baby. Great weight, good chest, and a healthy baby girl at her side. The body standers of a brood mare are very different than those of your show horses. We should always be just a little more voluptuous for that baby. Thank you Viceroy of Ferrands Triple K Farms for letting us use your pic. The baby is precious.

Here is a stallion that is a bit overweight, but better overweight than thin. Overweight just means exercise and less grass. But you can see the major weight gain in his neck area. Especially along the top where you can see the layers of fat building. This is a crown and happens often in middle aged or older stallions. As you can also see his hip and but area is very nice so keep in mind, just like people, minis can gain weight in a variety of areas. Some of us get it on our butts, other in their face, and some only on their thighs. Thank you Toby of Ferrands Triple K Farms for letting us use your pic big boy.

Now here is a case of obesity. The legs seem shorter because of the weight making them look wider, crown is large, and shoulders are invisible. This boy is a pony but we have had the same trouble with another girl that we just can't keep the weight off of and she has to stay in the barn to keep from foundering. 

Mini weight problems are just like people. You can have one that can never keep a good weight, looks like a supper star their whole life, or has a tendency to over eat. If you have any questions about a horse you are looking at feel free to email me a photo and I will do my best to help you out

Check out this sight for more depth

What do Miniature horses eat?

A Mini is the same thing as a regular horse right down to what they eat, they just eat 1/4 what the big guys do. If you want a Mini for show and performance then you will be giving them foods high in molasses so they have the energy to preform and work out. But as a pet Minis can be very happy living on grass all summer and hay all winter. You can give them oats and pellets if you think they are getting too thin or just for a treat.

Do do beware walking in the paster with Long John's. Our mini's I have found, like the bed of crumbs under the fish and will fight each other and tare up the box to get it. Proof that just because it's not good for you doesn't change the fact that its tasty.

How much Land do Miniature horses need?

Your average Miniature horse can be very content on a 0.6 or 0.8 acre of land. One Mini doesn’t need a lot. But should you get 2 or 3 you will need 0.9 acre for each additional mini. The more room the better though, and when you are dealing with extra poo you will be happy to have it. Or you may have to take them off the free range grass to lose some weight. A over weight mini can have just as many problems as an under weight one. If your mini's age getting fat try mowing first.

See this youtube video to see a good 2 mini lot with barn:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do miniature horses play?
As foals, Miniature horses play extensively, running and chasing other foals, and playing with large balls. As the miniature horse matures they lose interest in physical play. Don't get me wrong, mom and dad will bounce around with the new born kid-o's from time to time, same as you would. But the mini horse adult enjoy mental games. One of the favorite games for adult miniature horses is bobbing for apples. You simply fill a toddler pool with six inches of water, and drop in two apples. 

Is it an Overo? Be Sure Before You Buy
I love the genetics of hoses and have read on the subject with hundreds of books left behind in my wake. So I want to touch on a subject that many clients have asked me when coming out to our farm, is that black and white bald face stallion an Overo?

I get this question on all our bald face mares and stallions that have come out of our main stallion Ferrands Triple K Ivan. And I always get to say, "No. They are tobianos that were just born that way. Ivan has a 50/50 chance of doing this to his children it seems. " Then they ask if Ivan is a overo and again no.

What are Mini horses like?

Myth: Mini's are like dogs?

Fact: Yes, they are. The more time you put into them the more you get back. They are just as intelligent as any dog and learn just as fast. They are smart and need mental stimulation. Also if you treat them with respect, the same respect you would give a child, they will turn out loving and happy animals. Treat them like a cute play-thing to dress up, aggravate them because its funny, or never teach them the different between right and wrong because they are just too cute, you will have a horse with an attitude that will bit, kick, and act like a brat. Think about it. If you don't teach them what is right and what is wrong they will try to get away with anything and show you that they are the boss. A Mini will not respect someone that will not tell them NO. Treat and train your mini like how you would want a hound dog to act, not like a dog that people want to put in their purse because its a fashion accessory.

Do Mini's need mini barns and stalls?

Myth: Mini's need mini barns and stalls?

Fact: Mini's can get along just fine in a large horse stall. If they feel that they are being left out of something they will find a way to peer out at you. Large horse stalls and facilities are just fine for a Miniature horse. Remember they don't want to be treated like their small because they're personality’s are so big that they know they are giants. But if you want your mini to stop raring up on the stall window to look outside just put a cattle gate on the door and leave to big door open.

Do Mini Horses needs another Mini for a companion?

Myth: A Mini needs another Mini for a companion?

Fact: No they don't. Mini's can buddy up to you, a dog, a goat, large horses, a donkey, or even a cat that is willing. So long as they have another heard like animal that wont hurt them they will make their own buddy herd. But they do need a buddy of some kind if you can not give them at lest 4 hours of your time and love, and another 2 hours of just seeing you around the home, barn, or pasture. They need your time.

Are Mini Horses ponies

Myth: Mini horses are ponies?

Fact: Miniature horses are not ponies. People all over the world took the smallest horses from every breed and put them together until they breed them all down into Miniature horses. That is why some look like Arabians, Quarter hoses, or Draft horses. They even have a gene (the gray gene - this makes a horse turn white no matter what color they were born) that is specific only to one breed of horse, the Lipizzaner stallions. Not saying that there is absolutely no pony way back in their history but that's why you should find a reputable breeder. They are not ponies.
Now for something that is not my opinion but facts that can be found on Wiki:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Conformation, Wight, and Style
The overall appearance of a miniature horse is one that is proportionate to a full size horse, literally, in miniature. Ideally, they would be as free of faults as any horse, sound and well-balanced, and should be the impression of strength and vitality, with free-flowing gaits. The average miniature horse is around 300lbs give or take, according to height and build. Different conformations appeal to different breeders or owners, which makes the miniature horse perfect. There are miniatures that are built more like a little draft horse, stockier and heavier, like those of the massive Clydesdale, and then there are those that are of a lighter build, with long flowing toplines and dainty features that give the impression of the hot-blooded Arabians that ran the desert sands.
Arabian style mini horse Little King Jr Jester
Quarter horse style Mini horse, Ferrands Triple K Micky Blue eyes

Draft horse style mini but do keep in mind that his hiar is long so he could look a littel different under there

Where did Mini horse come from

The miniature horse in America is traced back as far as 1888, with notoriety as a breed not becoming too popular until the 1960′s. There are 2 registries, the original one being the American Miniature Horse Registry, established in 1971. They have two divisions, A – horses that measure 34 inches and under, and the B division, that measures from over 34 inches up to 38 inches, the maximum height allowable. The other well-known registry is the American Miniature Horse Association, that was established in 1978. They only register horses that are 34 inches and under. 

Black and White Splash White Stallion for sale

Ferrands Triple K Ivan's Hawk Eye

Double Registered
Born 2010 
He is out of Ferrands Triple K Belle of Cody whos sire is Lakeside King Cody and his sire is Stouts Champion and Grandam is Lakeside Daisy Mae. Stouts Champion's sire is Stouts Mister Pride and dam is Stouts Peanut. Lakeside Daisy Mae's sire is Arrowbrook Bryan Patrick Casey and dam Little Hoofs Brandy. Belle of Cody's dam is Westwind Belle Of the Ball, who's sire is Raintree Farms Steveareno and dam is Westwind Tinitinsel. GrandSire on Sire side is Triple G #25 and on tipside is Double-O's Mr. Man Moto and Great Granddam is Smithie Mccoy Moto. Grand dame Hobby Horse's Sugar Drop. Westwinds Belle of the Ball's dam is Westwind Tinitinsel, who's sire is Stouts Dare Devil and dam is Westwind cinnamon Toast. Stouts Dare Devil's sire is Stouts Tom Thumd and his dam is Stouts Delinda. Stouts Tom Thumb is Dynamite and dam is Stouts Queenie. Stouts Delinda's sire is Stouts Mister Pride and dam is Stouts Carmel. Stouts Mister Pride's sire is Branamans Peppermint and dam is Peppermint. Stouts Carmel's sire is Stouts Schottchee and dam Stouts Butterfly

His sire is Ferrands Triple K Ivan who's sire is LBF's Clydes Pryde, who's sire was Little Kings Clyde, who's sire is Stouts Mister Pride and dam is Stouts Monalisa. Stouts Mister Pride's sire is Branamans Peppermint and dam is Limpy. LBF's Clydes Pryde's dam is LBF's Soxy Lady. Ivan's dam is Fishers Painted Peanut, who's sire is Fisher's painted Dust Buster, who's sir is Uranus Light Vant Huttenest and dam is Fishers Coretta. Fishers Coretta's sire is Fishers Jim Dandy and dam is Fishers Connie. Fishers Jim Dandy's sire is Fishers little Eddie and dam is Fishers Black Raven. Fisher's Painted Peanut's dam is Fishers Painted Review, who's sire is Stouts Red Head and dam is Fishers Dorothy Stouts Red Head's sire is Stouts Sir George and dam is Stouts Cupcake. George's sire is Stouts Mister Prideand dam is Stouts Ramona and Cupcake's sire is Stouts Little Delilah
Hawk is a heterozygous tobiano with blue eyes, and is Homozygous for black. Sweet and loveing stallion. He is also a splash white

Tobiano: T/n
Red Black factor: E/E
Splash White: SW1/n
Agouti: a/a
Silver: n/n
Appaloosa: n/n
Overo: n/n
Sabino: n/n


Are Mini horses good for children to ride?

Myth: Mini horses are good for children to ride.

Fact: While strong at pulling a cart, miniature horses like the kind that we deal with at Ferrand Triple K Farms are not riding horses. Most of our horses are 25" to 32" tall and can not safely carry a child more than 40 pound on their back on a regular bases. Anyone that is trying to sell you a mini horse that is for riding dose not always have the animals best interest at hart. If you are wanting something for riding we recommend that you look into Shetlands or ponies. Often in movies, while they say it is a mini or a pony, what you are actually seeing is a Shetland horse (2013 Neighbors christmas episode, or Sherlock Holmes 2) or a welsh pony. You can look up Shetland information on the AMHR website. Or you can always go for the oversized miniature horses that are 50" or taller. It happens sometimes.  There is always an exception to the rule, but look for hights over 50" and large muscles. You will want a body builder (a draft horse) of a mini, not an Arabian