Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to get a mini horse guilded?

This was a question posed to us through email on our blog. The answer is very simple. Contact your local large animal vet. Some vets will guild a horse by weight and others by a particular age. So contact the closes large animal vet and ask them when they would like to do it. Some people will guild by wrapping a tight rubber-band around the male horses... you know. Then they fall off because you cut off the circulation but the animal will be in amazing pain and it is animal abuse. Old farmers used to do this with all farm animals. You also wrist infection and when the vet comes out to give penicillin they will know. 

So long answer short find a vet and ask them when they want to do the proceeder. Ours has always come out to the barn and done it very quickly.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why dose my Mini Horse do this? Picture gallery

Need help understanding your Mini horses body language? Send us photos of your horses doing the confessing behavior so we can help you find out what your horse is thinking. Most of their pis are of large Quarter Horses but keep in mind they behave no differently than a Miniature horse dose.

Why do my miniature horses bite (chew) each other on the back? Bonding!

 Have you even seen two of your minis walk up to each other and begin biting each others backs and neither is doing anything to stop the other? IT'S OK!

Horses do this to bond with each other. Horses live by the philosophy 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch your.' Some times it sounds like it hurts or they are going to take out big bites of flesh, don't panic. Their just really itchy. You will know this behavior by when they gently walk up to each other with a mild or relaxed audited. They will try to do this to you to by the way. Horses love their necks and withers scratched as they can't reach these areas without rubbing, so it feels oh so good when you rub those hard to reach spots. And  they will try to return the favor buy turning and trying to scratch you back so be aware. They don't do this to be mean and its bad manners in horse society to not. It can take a little defending to make your mini realize that your more than willing to give them that massage without proper payment. 

What does a correct bite mean on mini? off bite?

A correct bite means that a Horse is going to have less eating problems eating. Also because of strict breeding standards of most breeders they will not use a horse with a bad bite, as it could be passed on to offspring. Not all under or over bites will affect the health of a horse or their ability to digest their food that was not chewed properly. The biggest reason why you want a correct bite is if you intend to breed your minis. If not it isn't that big a deal for you pet to be a little off (and when I mean off I mean by an inch).