Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What are Mini horses like?

Myth: Mini's are like dogs?

Fact: Yes, they are. The more time you put into them the more you get back. They are just as intelligent as any dog and learn just as fast. They are smart and need mental stimulation. Also if you treat them with respect, the same respect you would give a child, they will turn out loving and happy animals. Treat them like a cute play-thing to dress up, aggravate them because its funny, or never teach them the different between right and wrong because they are just too cute, you will have a horse with an attitude that will bit, kick, and act like a brat. Think about it. If you don't teach them what is right and what is wrong they will try to get away with anything and show you that they are the boss. A Mini will not respect someone that will not tell them NO. Treat and train your mini like how you would want a hound dog to act, not like a dog that people want to put in their purse because its a fashion accessory.

Miniature horses have a hierarchy just like any pack or herd animal. And like people mini horses are not going to get alone with every single person. I have heard of Mini horses biting at the legs of their owners. This is something they adults to younger horses to show that the young ones are not showing respect and need to know their place. In other words, the horse is trying to put the person in their place. 

I have also heard of a horse rubbing up against its owner into a fence. This is begging for attention if the ears remain in a neutral position. If the ears are back then mini horse is showing another form of dominance and putting you in your place below them. Horses will push against each other and the one that walks away or lets itself be pushed around is the loser. 

When it comes to a mini that is kicking and biting you have a very disturbed mini on your hands, one that fears for his or her life, or one that is so believing in the fact that you are a leader that will get them into trouble that they will do anything to overthrow you. In 40% of cases of kicking and biting you will be dealing with stallions that is showing off for his mares that he is above the leader of the herd, being you. 

Unless you research horse psychology I would recommend finding someone like a trainers that believes strongly in psychology to help you. If you do not know anything about horses this is the best option. A trainer can tell you what kind of problem you are having and help you out. If you have a minutely disturbed mini there isn't a lot you can do. Dominance requires discipline, take you mini to a trainer and take harlter classes and horsemanship. Then with fear you will need a mountan of patience and never look them in the eye. Only a prediter looks its play in the eye. Horses only look at each other from the side which is non-througtening, even when they go after another horse  they do it face to face and eye to eye.  

Once a mini learns you and what you, as a human are, you will be able to look at them again. The are pray animals so you need to gain thier trust but you must not let them think you are week. 

Here are some videos of some very balanced minis interacting with people. One is a stallion and the other is a mare  with my husband.

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