Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Conformation, Wight, and Style

The overall appearance of a miniature horse is one that is proportionate to a full size horse, literally, in miniature. Ideally, they would be as free of faults as any horse, sound and well-balanced, and should be the impression of strength and vitality, with free-flowing gaits. The average miniature horse is around 300lbs give or take, according to height and build. Different conformations appeal to different breeders or owners, which makes the miniature horse perfect. There are miniatures that are built more like a little draft horse, stockier and heavier, like those of the massive Clydesdale, and then there are those that are of a lighter build, with long flowing toplines and dainty features that give the impression of the hot-blooded Arabians that ran the desert sands.
Arabian style mini horse Little King Jr Jester

Quarter horse style Mini horse, Ferrands Triple K Micky Blue eyes


Draft horse style mini but do keep in mind that his hiar is long so he could look a littel different under there

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