Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What are Miniature horses good for?

There are many fun activeits for children to do with minis that are just as fun and even more safe than ridding . Such as carting. You can get as small a mini as you want and not only can your kids have fun but you can too!

You can also do jumping classes
Then there is Trail class

SO join the mini horse cart team. If you cant show a Mini horse in a riding class in their own registry then it really shouldn't be done. Be impressive, not the joke of the barn!

Theres pulling! This is ok over being used for ridding as the weight is being pulled from behind.


Horseman ship and Halter classes!

And the most resent profession of the mini horse is the serves animals (this horse has winter hair)

Even with a big enough team Dwarfs can be very active.

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