Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Games to play with miniature horses

Now thats a new question LOL :) We love it!

Games to play with your mini's range widely and will depend on your mini's intelligence and the games they like to play. We have had some boys that are so smart they have figured out how to unscrew caps on water lines. Some love to untie lead ropes. We have had one boy that would untie a lead rope knotted quadruply, let himself lose, then found me in the barn so that I could retie the rope for him to untie. Jolly Balls, horse toys, or just games you play with your dog are great things to entertain Mini horses. Many of them love to problem solve others just like to chill, but they all need some kind of social interaction or mental enrichment. Some minis love to swim as a hobby and around 25% of our mares just love to splash in their water troffs, or run under sprinklers. We do not always fix a hole in our hoses because while we are watering all of a sudden everyone is running and kicking and bouncing under the waterfall.... then they roll in the dirt and have a mud facial :P

Minis learn what is fun from you or other mini horses. But be aware what you may teach them or the other horses. That one horse that like to splash in the water troff may teach another who will put a whole in the bottom. Untying knots... well we can all see how much trouble could happen there. Swimming in a pond that they don't know is like sending your 6 year old kid in. So far the water hose having a whole in it had been safe... for now! 0_o