Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is it okay to turn my Miniature Horse out with large horses?

This is up to you. We have a Quarter horse gilding that loves the mini's and is just tickled pink by them. When it's weening time we turn all the babies loose with him so he can keep them safe and teach them more horse things. But we do have a mare that will kill them given half a chance. She has gotten 2 so far by accident.

On the other hand, one of our 28" stallions got loose with one of our young 5 year old Quarter hose gilding and chased him for hours until Max ran into the pond to get away from the tinny menace. 

So it really depends on your animals and their ability to get along with each other. Let them be next to each other an see what the response is. Keep in mind not everyone gets along

It's a terrible pic i know but this is the mention stallion harassing our Quarter horses. The hose that moon had made run into the pond is hiding behind the sorrel. The Sorrel is the big guy we use to protect our babies. In moons mind he's a mile tall. 

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