Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Are miniature horses safe at night?

That depends. On our farm we are serenaded by coyotes, but due to the large herd that we have we haven't had any problems with them but on very rare occasions. Out horses recognize them and will gangue up on a predator all at once, and if the predator isn't smart enough to run then they get trampled. We have found Coyotes in our woods dead form broken hips or limbs before, even if they aren't anywhere near our horses.

But also our older mares hate dogs because of this and will chase off or stomp strange dogs that they don't know. One dose not take any chances and weather if she know's it my dog or not she will kill it. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is there a draft miniature horse?

Mini horses were created by taking all breeds and breeding the smallest to the smilers. Some breeders breed for arabian styles, some quarter horses, and so on. Not many breed for Draft style because that isn't what is placing in the shows, but they are out there.

Proof of all breeds being used is the occurrence of the gray gene. This gene with larger horses really only occurs in the Lipizzaner stallions, you will see it very very rarely in other breeds due to gene mutation or the occasion that a horses is born to the Lipizzaners wasn't to breed standards and was sold off. But other than that you will see this gene crop up in mini horses. Also the black gene or the Black Forest breed of horse will show in Minis as well.

But Draft is a style and not a gene. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What does it mean when horses nip each other's necks?

If your Mini is nipping another horses neck and the other is spinning away or running away, the horse doing the nipping could be saying several things that all have the same outcome:

  1. older mare is telling younger horses she is in charge
  2. horses the same age trying to figure out who is the boss
  3. horse doing the nipping wants some alone time or is annoyed with the other horse
  4. Mare bitting stallion or kicking is telling him she's not ready to breed
  5. Mare nipping another when she has a baby want's the other horse to stay away form her baby
Basically they want their space, having a bad day, or showing others who is above them in the pecking order.

If they are nipping at other horses while your there, driving the other horse off, they are telling everyone that you are their friend and you are here to see them.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to build a bond with your mini horse?

First off I have been hearing a myth that you can only bond with babies. You can bond with any horse of any age. Even horses that have been abused, if you know what your doing, can bond and be your best friend.

One thing to do, especially with babies, is to blow lightly in their noses. Horses, similar to  dogs, sniff each other. But instead of sniffing booty, they smell reach others breath. This is very effective when they are young, and comforting for adults.

Another thing to do is just spend time with them rubbing their shoulders, and brushing them:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Why dose my mini horse do this? Swing thier butt around

This little filly who was just born a few days ago is frightened of me enough that she feels threatened by me. Horses do this for 2 reason I have found. 

1. They are threatening to kick you. Some if not most horses will only threaten and not actually kick like this little girl. Most of our horses that are afraid will not kick. They are doing option 2. If the horses ears are back and their butt begins to bounce get out of the way. Often a horse will worn you with a butt bounce before kicking if your lucky.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Having problems with your man and mini stallion?

No matter what you will have some problems with your husband and a stallion. Because if you have done it right your stallion with think of you as another horse, and your stallion will think of your man as another stallion and will try to treat him as such. Your husband is going to have to earn a different kind of respect that a woman earns naturally. And the stallion is going to test him. Thats a given and it will always be worse come breeding season because the stallion will view your man as a great way to impress his ladies.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miniature stallion in Indiana

I don't know about other breeding farms but as we are a mini horse breeder here is a link to our stallions that we have for sale.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How difficult are mini horses to have?

Not really. Think of them like a dog that you don't have to take on walks or worry about regular exercise, unless you show them. They do need attention, at least an hour or more of your time and love a day, unless you also get them a friend (be it a goat, mini mule, ect.) They can spend time allows while kids are at school or you are at work but they will need your time. If you have .8 of an acer you will only need to feed them in the winter, the grass on .8 acres is enough for spring and summer. Anything less then you need to mow regularly to keep poo from accumulating. If you don't have enough land for it to dry after rain in one day you have to little land for your animals. Dirt lots are not healthy and hard on the hoofs, and mud none stop will soften their hoofs and cause very bad decease problems.