Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do miniature horses play?
As foals, Miniature horses play extensively, running and chasing other foals, and playing with large balls. As the miniature horse matures they lose interest in physical play. Don't get me wrong, mom and dad will bounce around with the new born kid-o's from time to time, same as you would. But the mini horse adult enjoy mental games. One of the favorite games for adult miniature horses is bobbing for apples. You simply fill a toddler pool with six inches of water, and drop in two apples. 

We had a boy that loved to untie ropes and knots. He'd untie the knot that kept in him the turn out, find ups and give us the rope just so we could tie him in again and undo the knot. He also enjoyed unscrewing caps on well pumps. 

Check out this link to see mom playing with her baby:

For more evidence that minis play look here, This was a rainy day:

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