Monday, March 25, 2013

How to put muscle on a mini horses chest?

This is a tricky question. It has been my experience that if you work out a mini horse on hill sides while dragging some weight, like a cart, so they have to use their front shoulders more they will build up muscle. Anything that will make them use those front shoulder muscles works. Jumping training can also help. 

Just be carful that you are not trying to put a chest on a young horse thats body just isn't physically mature for it. I would always wait until the horse is 3 years old before doing any training to build a chest. You could end up doing more harm than good by tearing up their knees, joints, and more. You would make a 8 year old do body building would you?

But like people some horses are genetically incapable to build any muscle on their chest. We had a stallion that put his chest on every babies he ever had and they never needed any help building it up. They needed help sliming it down. We also had a mare that all her little boys by the time they where 3 looked like mini replicas of draft horses. Meanwhile we had a stallion that I couldn't build muscle on his chest for anything. He was a narrow man. Looked like a young filly his whole life. 

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