Friday, January 11, 2013

Are Miniature Stallions hard to handle?

No. In our experience we have found them to be no different than our mares when you do not allow them to get away with anything. Just like their larger counter parts they can be hard headed yes. And do not forget that some stallions, just like mares and people, just have a bad mind. A stallion can view you in three ways:

1. Is for ladies more than guys. He sees your place in the herd like one of the mares as far as hierarchy goes. There are the mares that are younger and that the stallion can bully into place and there are the matriarch that don't take their bull. We have to be the matriarch ladies, its hard to get that level of respect but you can achieve this by challenging their authority. You'r not braking any spirits here or degrading them in any way, this is what horses do in their own social networks. And lady horses that have been around the block don't let them get away with being an ass, why should you?

2. This is for guys and ladies. Stallions are always going to know another man when they see one. So guys, keep in mind, that you are great to show off for the girls on. As a human we are normally held highly in the herd just because we are bigger, and though the hoses don't realize it, they think we can kick and bit just as hard as they can to put others in their place. So at breeding time a stallion sees men, not as another horses, but as a great way to show his mares that he's awesome buy telling you guys off. Once again you have to show him that if he doesn't behave no girls for him, or that it is just going to take longer to get what he wants buy acting like a jerk. Backing him up constantly, shoving him around with your hip and body weight to do it, or turning him around and going in the wrong direction can help. It takes a lot of time and work but they will give up. Remember that they are acting this way for the ladies, backing, turning around, and getting shoved around dose not look manly to the girls. There is always going to be pulling and a since of urgency, just imagine how horny you would be in their shoes,  so just be understanding. But head tossing, bitting, and shoving is not o.k.

My second dad, and his hay belly too!
3. This is for children. The mini stallion that is well adjusted to a humans will generally act in only one way. He will herd children up into the herd for safety just like he would his own colts and fillies. To a stallion that likes or even dosen't care one way or the other about your presence a child is a child, if you won't do your job and keep the kids together with the herd he will, just making him look that much better to the mares. I can tell you all about our first stallion Toby (who we still have) hurdling me up with the rest of this babies for that year until my mom and dad would come back to clam me. He was like a second father. Then there is the mini stallion that isn't well adjusted to humans, he will pay no mind to a child or run away when they draw to near.

Keep in mind that a horse is a flight animal. They will always take the option to run than fight any day. Because of our size compared to them it takes a fractured mind to try and bit and kick to freedom. A horse that just has fear is easy to turn around. And with our stallions that do like us, if not have a special buddy buddy relationship with someone, view us as their horse buddy. They know we don't want the mares so some they try to make us their wing man, "Hay buddy, act like a monster and I'll fight you off to show these ladies how awesome I am."And as men are apt to do, sometimes the acting goes to far and accidents happen. The best way to salve problems is spend time with your stallion. Don't be afraid. They know when you are. 

Also, just like people, mini stallions have all kinds of personalities. You have your big man on campus types, your proud and man's man's type, the mellow mushroom that you's swear was hight to be so relaxed, your geeky types, you pleasers, your mama's boy, and the ever flamboyantly so not into girls types. Some stallions can even be more into people love than getting the lovein' from this herd.

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A typical Miniature Stallion: Libbiys cross the Moon who we sold and traveled to AZ

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