Sunday, September 29, 2013

Will a bobcat kill a Mini horse?

They have every capability to do it yes. They will take down a deer and will go after Quarter horses, but only when food is scares and they have no choose. We have never had a problem with our bobcat in Indiana. 

Minis travail in very herds so it makes it very dangerous for a bobcat to go after not only babies but adults. So if you are seeing few rabbits, game birds, or anything that bobcats will usually eat then its time to be worried. The biggest problem for Mini horse owners are the people that only own one horse. For the people that only have one horse keep them close to home and not the the back paster.

Anyone have any thoughts or have problems with bob cats let me know and I will post your stories on this article. Since our bobcat leaves us alone I would like to get others in on this. 

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