Monday, September 16, 2013

Miniature Horses and Dogs

Purchasing a mini horse that is older than 2 or 3 can present a problem with dog owners. Some farms, like ours, have coyotes and irresponsible dog owners that chase and bit at our horses. Thus our older horses have learned to gangue up and chase dogs and bit at them to make the leave the fenced area they live in. Remember that it is very hard for a pray animal to see the differents between a dog and a wolf or coyote. This will be very bad when there are babies being born, but our mares will let the coyotes eat any placentae left at the edges.

But now if you buy a baby or a weenling you can teach them to get along with a dog or even bond with it. 

I have my own dog and he has learned that he must stay outside of the fence while I work with the horses, but he knows that he can play with the weenlings. Some he can get close to while I have them out of the heard one on one others he can't be in sight of.  There is only one horse on our farm that will try to kill my dog, the others will just chase and bit until my Brody leaves.

Some people say it is a territory dispute between horse and dog, I say its the pray/predator drive to service. 

Here is a video of my dog playing with 2 yearling studs:

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