Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are Mini horses good for children?

Rockyhill's 12' colt named Mystro. 1 Year latter
With out question yes. When going to buy a Mini from a reputable breeder make sure to tell them that you are looking for a kid. Some Miniature horses are better suited for steeling your children and clamming them as your own than others. Like us there are people that love kids and others that can't handle them until they reach an older age. Stallions will think of children as one of their foals and herd them up with the rest of the babies, and mares will never let them out of their sight.

Rockyhill's 12' colt named Mystro. Weenling and
his new owner
Foals will have a little harder time with children sometimes as they are brand new to the world and can accidentally push or shove past kids and knock them down. But they will learn too. Just like buying a puppy they will make mistakes with your children without meaning so you will have to educate them and the kid of proper respect for each other.
Ferrands Triple K Darling Angle and her new owner 
Rockyhill's 12' colt named Mystro.
Weenling and 
his new owner

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