Friday, December 6, 2013

Why do miniature horses fight?

Miniature horses fight for a few reason. In their natural setting, miniature horses will bite and kick as a means of establishing dominance within their herd. Like many animals Mini horses have a hierarchy and horses will always challenge other horses of the same age. Some mares never make any friends and will always be cast out from the herd.

Stallions will lower their heads to mares and make an almost snarling face to make the mare stay within the heard when she strays. The mare (if with baby) will often protect the baby which is mostly unneeded, but the mare only knows that she doesn't know the stallion and will kick at him. In other cases a stallion will try to put the moves on a mare that is not ready to breed and there for she kicks and bits to let him know she isn't ready yet. 


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