Friday, August 30, 2013

What is a mare protecting a baby from other horses for?

A mare will protect her baby mostly from other mares, as young mares or even older mares that didn't have a baby that year, will steal babies. We have had 2 year old mare steal babies from the first time moms, not caring that they have no milk to feed it. Sometime Mare's that are due any day will steal a baby from a first time mom that doesn't know what to do right away will steal it.

A mare protects her baby from a stallion on the off chance that he will hurt the baby. We have never had a stallion harm a baby and it takes a very unstable stallion to hurt young or even new born babies. Now that doesn't mean take the weenlings out from mom and put them in a lot with a stallion. 3 to 4 months is a stallions normal level of child tolerance. We personally have 2 stallions that we can let lose with the young boys and they teach them how to be boys. But we've know theses stallions since they were born so don't try this unless you really know that the babies are safe.

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