Thursday, April 11, 2013

What does a correct bite mean on mini? off bite?

A correct bite means that a Horse is going to have less eating problems eating. Also because of strict breeding standards of most breeders they will not use a horse with a bad bite, as it could be passed on to offspring. Not all under or over bites will affect the health of a horse or their ability to digest their food that was not chewed properly. The biggest reason why you want a correct bite is if you intend to breed your minis. If not it isn't that big a deal for you pet to be a little off (and when I mean off I mean by an inch).

Some times an over or underbite can be a sigh of Dwarf in a horse. So if you do like a horse that have everything in the world but had a bad bit, ask why. If they were born that way I wouldn't be something I would breed. Sometimes a horse could get kicked out in the field and... well... accident's can happen. If its a result of just accidental tom-foolery that went awfully wrong, its not a genetic problem.
Dwarf with underbite. Seek vet care because this horse may have a lot of nutrition problems to come

Very good straight bit. This is what a breeder and showers is looking for
Very bad overbite that is extream, Seek vet care because this horse may have a lot of nutrition problems to come
Very slight over bite that most breeders wouldn't have a problem with. No real health issues with a bite like this or an overbite of the same caliber. A vet may have know how to correct this but with the current sales of Mini horses I wouldn't recommend it for resale as it will never be worth it.  

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