Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why do my miniature horses bite (chew) each other on the back? Bonding!

 Have you even seen two of your minis walk up to each other and begin biting each others backs and neither is doing anything to stop the other? IT'S OK!

Horses do this to bond with each other. Horses live by the philosophy 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch your.' Some times it sounds like it hurts or they are going to take out big bites of flesh, don't panic. Their just really itchy. You will know this behavior by when they gently walk up to each other with a mild or relaxed audited. They will try to do this to you to by the way. Horses love their necks and withers scratched as they can't reach these areas without rubbing, so it feels oh so good when you rub those hard to reach spots. And  they will try to return the favor buy turning and trying to scratch you back so be aware. They don't do this to be mean and its bad manners in horse society to not. It can take a little defending to make your mini realize that your more than willing to give them that massage without proper payment. 

Oh my god! That feels good face. Ears up, wiggly nose, wide

Also keep in mind that once they realize that your scratches feel wonderful they will walk around with you and occasionally try to nip and tug on you to get you started. Just like if you were a horse they are trying to find your 'hot spot' to get you to rub theirs. But if they are biting at you with their ears back and an almost snarl on their face they are mad at you for something you did so watch out. 

Here is a mother bonding with its baby

Video here:

Why dose my mini horse bite me:

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