Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why dose my Mini Horse do this? Picture gallery

Need help understanding your Mini horses body language? Send us photos of your horses doing the confessing behavior so we can help you find out what your horse is thinking. Most of their pis are of large Quarter Horses but keep in mind they behave no differently than a Miniature horse dose.

Soft eyes, relaxed poster = Oh you got the spot
Red horse: ears back, slight snarl= give me space
Black horse: fear eye, backing up with head high = Ops. Sorry
Pretty much a general exploration of  ' What's that on your face? Is it what's on mine?' They both have very relaxed faces with ears forward and soft eyes.
Snarl, ears back, mouth open "I'm gonna kill you" Look out for this horse coming at you. If they are going after another horse they are establishing dominance over the other in the herd.
This horse truly appears to be attacking someone thought the fence. This is a very minutely unbalanced animal 
Red: you made me mad
Black: whatever, get over yourself
Perhaps two horses of the same age trying to find out who is above the other in their herd

horse meaning no harm telling you something smells. Eyes wide, ears in middle position, stinky face 
Whats this?= everyone is calm and the black is just exploring the others halter with his mouth. General play time

Not going to attack if you just back off: Snarl, ears back, but eyes aren't angry or wild.  You may want to give this horse a moment or two. Or the whole day. Sometimes a horse can just have a bad day

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