Friday, August 30, 2013

Dose being kicked or bit by Mini horses hurt?

Yes it can. I have been working with mini horses since I was 9 and I have been kicked and had the wind knocked out of me. I deserved it most of the time too as I didn't know how to act around horses at the time. My first horse bit didn't happen until February of 2013 while a mare was in the middle of having a baby. My arm was in the way while she was pushing and she bit down on my arm on accident. She has never tried again and is a sweet girl. Actually she had been overly nice since then so I think she's apologizing. It took 3 months for the knot to go away 3 weeks for the purple to go. It hurt but there was no permanent damage.

Now one time after a mare had just had a baby my mom went in to give it colostrum alone, not thinking about the mare's over protective motherness, the mare went to protect her baby and bit at my mom. Normally with the protective moms we have a spotter to hold the mare while we work with the baby. The mothers normally come out of this after 4 weeks with the baby. Just so happened the mare went for my mom's face (when protecting a baby a mare will go after another horses face) and gave her a permeant scar on her lip. She needed 3 stitches and you could never tell now.

Just like any animal you must be carful but will a mini hurt you more than a big horse, no. Will the bite be worse, no. Being trampled is way lower. The worlds tamest and most loving dog has more potential to hurt you than a mini horse dose, as they have sharp teeth and a horses is flat.

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