Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are Mini horses mean?

No. Just like people you have some butt heads out there and just have a bad attitude. This is like 1 in 10 I'd say naturally. Even we have a stallion that is a butt hole on a regular basses. He was just born that way and most babies that come out of his father are known for thier additueds. Now he dosn't bit or kick or attack, you just get this general air of distain when you are in a stall with him while he faces a wall. Making you think, "the wall makes a better friend than me." 

Mini horses get this bad reputation because of a few bad apples in the bunch that their buyers don't know what they are doing. The buyer doesn't know if they were abused or abandoned, or know how to see the signs of it. People think that if they buy a mini horse for $50 to $100 they are getting a great deal and a horse that is mentally fit like the $700-$800 horses, well... all deals come at a price and a great deal at the time you will suffer the quality of the animal you are buying.  

I had someone come out and get a free rooster the fall of 2012 (we had 10 chicks that summer and 4 were Roosters) from us. She drove from one end of town to ours and when she got here she found out that this pretty bird was a wild bird, I said free range in the ad. She had assumed that since I was holding him in the pics he was tame as could be. She demanded I pay her gas money for wasting her time on what she thought was a tame pet. 

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