Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If a horse is born 10" tall dose it guarantee they will be 30" tall full grown

I have been called about this a lot. People ask if our babies were 10" when born because they herd that if they were they would be 30" tall when they are adults? This is impossible. Unless there are breeders all over the world that don't want to contest for the tital of World Smalles horse. The worlds smallest Mini horse ever born was born 14 inches tall and 6 pound. That was Einstein who has toped out at 25".

  • The average weight of a newborn miniature horse is 18lb. 
  • The average height at birth is 21 inches

So do not fall for this. If a baby was born 10" tall it would be in the world records. We have had babies born at 20" and never grow since then, and we have had babies born at 18" and grow to 34". The hight of a mini horse is best determend at their end hight at age 3. Some people have found that if you underfeed a young horse they will not grow, then when you get them on your food regiment all of a sudden you have a horse that was 31" that got 48" (This has happened to us). 

Birth hight has nothing to do with end hight. There is no guarantee unless you don't feed your babies to keep them under size. So don't look for that mythical mini baby that is 10" tall at birth unless its a dwarf and even the worlds smallest dwarf wasn't that small when she was born. 

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