Monday, June 3, 2013

Dose my Miniature horse need shelter, barn, or be indoors

We feel that they really don't but always have the option for them to get into a barn. You will often find you mini will stand in the rain rather than stand in the barn. Mini's like all horses will stand in the rain to wash the dirt off or wash away bugs. BUT KEEP A LOOK OUT. Your mini's can get rain rot (where they get something like a sore on their back from all the rain and damp in their hair) this can only be a real worry in older horses or in VERY wet weather. If you have a hay manger where you see that the hay builds up on their back brush it out. It will hold wet and cause rain rot. Personally we have a barn of some kind in every lot and our horses will never use them. They stand under the trees if it's really wild weather. 

We found that if you have a lot of horses (though it looks awful) old truck trailers with the weals  and axils taken off. They are nice, long, and sturdy, don't rust or rot, and just last longer. For our smaller horses, such as our weanlings, my dad build some very large dog houses for them. But in this case only one horse can be in the dog house at a time so you will have to have one for every horse. 

Winter weather is just like all weather. You won't have to worry about rain rot with snow. And so long as your horse is outside as the weather turns they will get a thick coat that will keep them warm and safe for snow and even ice. Just keep an eye out for total down poor that they don't get soaked to the skin and it freezes. But having a light sprinkle that freezes is ok. Just wiggle your fingers into that thick coat and if its dry your good. But thin horses, very old, or sick horses may need an eye.  

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