Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do I need a mini Trailer?

How do you haul miniature horses?

The way we see it at Ferrand Triple K Farms you either need a horse trailer of any size, or you can take a very small baby( Just weened from it mother) and put it in the bed of your truck in a set up that I often see people use for goats. At the age of weaning a mini baby isn't much taller than an average goat and is pick-up-able enough to put in the back of the truck if needed.

Here are 2 examples:

These are much safer. So long as your box isn't air tight it will work and even a box like the second one shown is less stressful than letting the horse look out and see the world fly by. 
Putting a horse in any vehicle is never a good idea even if they are trained that way (I know of people that train minis to ride in the set with a set belt). I know I say they are like dogs a lot but in this case they are horses! They will poop at will, and stress always makes the poop runny. They could get scared by who knows what and end up in the steering wheel. Long trips can make them cranky and you just never know what they will do. They can rare up and brake their necks!

We personally will make exceptions for small transportation trucks or buses. Especially the ones that divide the driver off from the back. With the ones that have a doorway into the back, so long as you have someone sitting in back with the horse to keep them there. But that is your choice if you want to put someone in back with set belt. Also you will need a rubber mat so the horse can stand. They can fall and brake their leg. Then you are taking your new horse to the vet to be put down.

Now if your thinking of getting a mini trailer you can save some money by buying a used small U-Haul Trailer, take it to a local Horse trailer seller, and they may be able to install windows, vents, and rubber mats. The perfect Mini Trailer! Mater of fact that's what we have on our farm.
Safety First People! For both you and your new horse. When ever your kids get in the floor boards like this do you tell them to get back in the set? Why do it to the horse?

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