Friday, May 10, 2013

Why dose my mini horse do this? Swing thier butt around

This little filly who was just born a few days ago is frightened of me enough that she feels threatened by me. Horses do this for 2 reason I have found. 

1. They are threatening to kick you. Some if not most horses will only threaten and not actually kick like this little girl. Most of our horses that are afraid will not kick. They are doing option 2. If the horses ears are back and their butt begins to bounce get out of the way. Often a horse will worn you with a butt bounce before kicking if your lucky.

2. They aren't going to kick and are only just worried. This little girl is worried. She doesn't know what I am yet but her mother is constantly begging for my attention witch means I'm ok. She just hasn't formulated her option of me yet. So she swing her butt around so that she is pointed in the right way to run from me. 

If you see this when the horses is trapped in a corner look for a full butt bounce (little jump without kicking out) if there isn't one then the horse is hopeing that if you do attack it and try to eat it you are as far away from its head as they can get you. This is the kind of horse that trying to give you a chance. They would rather run than fight. And for a beginner a horse that would rather run than fight is miles easier to win over than one that would rather fight.

Video example of option two:

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