Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is there a draft miniature horse?

Mini horses were created by taking all breeds and breeding the smallest to the smilers. Some breeders breed for arabian styles, some quarter horses, and so on. Not many breed for Draft style because that isn't what is placing in the shows, but they are out there.

Proof of all breeds being used is the occurrence of the gray gene. This gene with larger horses really only occurs in the Lipizzaner stallions, you will see it very very rarely in other breeds due to gene mutation or the occasion that a horses is born to the Lipizzaners wasn't to breed standards and was sold off. But other than that you will see this gene crop up in mini horses. Also the black gene or the Black Forest breed of horse will show in Minis as well.

But Draft is a style and not a gene. 

If you are looking to do pulling with a horses, thinking that you need a draft style horse to do so, this isn't true. Any mini with a solid build will do good at pulling with good training, and if the mini has a love to do it. 

Mini horse great for weight pulling

Mini Horse great for cart but perhaps not for weight pulling

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