Thursday, May 9, 2013

Having problems with your man and mini stallion?

No matter what you will have some problems with your husband and a stallion. Because if you have done it right your stallion with think of you as another horse, and your stallion will think of your man as another stallion and will try to treat him as such. Your husband is going to have to earn a different kind of respect that a woman earns naturally. And the stallion is going to test him. Thats a given and it will always be worse come breeding season because the stallion will view your man as a great way to impress his ladies.

Now this doesn't mean that it is impossible for a man to earn the respect that you have with a stallion. All but two of your stallions love my husband, and they treat him no differently than they treat me because I worked with them to be that way and they are a lot more laid back. Knowing that my husband will give them respect. The other 2 know my husband doesn't know a stifle from a forelock, being a city boy his whole life, and take complete advantage of him. My husband is learning for the first time how to be firm but fair with an animal, as is only experiences with animals are cats. He has to use a chain to give corrections, but not over do it, and leaning how to speak horse. By this I mean that he is acting like another stallion by squealing as they do and giving a back wards kick to the belly. He is not hurting them, mearly touching them with the heal of his shoes is enough, without looking back at them. This shocks that stallions more than anything. And its going to take a few years for my husband to gain their full respect because he himself is learning everything for the first time.

Some bloodlines just create such a stubborn streak that there really isn't a lot you can do other than going to a strict trainer. In these cases the stallion has just as much attitude to women as they do men.

Guildings never have problems with men. Unless that one horse has a problem with just one guy. Not everyone will get along and you don't meet everyone in the world and like them all. Same with horses.

Not all stallions are bad, some just need more work or your time, and there are some that are just poo heads by genes. Meet your stallions that you are wanting to perches, and do bring your husband along and make them lead the stallion around. Meet the stallions father if he is on the same farm, and meet his mother. Keep in mind that if a stallion is in the paster with his ladies more often than not he has a job to do and won't give you much notice. He has to keep everyone safe, keep an eye out for predators, and keep an eye on that pesky stallion on the other side of the fence. You are the furthest thing from his mind at the time. But if he's not snarling and running at you, your good.

If you need more tips on men and stallions getting along feel free to email me or text. Or if you have advice to give please do by commenting below.

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