Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why would my Mini horse start kicking out of the blue?

There are only 2 reasons a horse of any kind kicks: 1) fear 2) they feel that they have no choice but to fight for their lives. The third less likely reason that never comes out of the blue is that the horse was mentally cracked to start with. Other than our third reason its never out of the blue. Really think about when this change occurred.

Check your own behavior first. If you are in a bad mood they can tell and if they see you as a horse they don't know it isn't you that they are mad at. 

Look at what you have done in the past. Perhaps you punished a little to harshly at some point and you have broken their trust in you.

If you have just bought this horse and they are acting like a totally different animal within a day of being home then you could have bought a drugged horses. 

There can be a hundred reasons why a horse will kick "out of the blue" but it all comes down to their trust in people being broken. If you have the time to really move slow and take as much time as needed do so. So long as its not reason 3 there is nothing wrong with these horses. They will trust again. If you don't have time to work slowly then wait for a day you can. Never rush, always us soft towns, and just let them come to you first as much as possible. Have grain in your lap and just let them eat it there and talk to them. Sit on the ground to look less scary or sit on a bucket.  

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